The shrink wrapped apartment...

This flat was purchased by Alex Sainsbury in 2004 with a view of turning it into a community art space along with the flat next door. When finding out that two sisters, Rebecca and Hannah Levy, had occupied the flat since 1918 he didn't have the heart to remove them. Instead he allowed them to live there rent free whilst he set up his space 'Raven Row' in the apartment below them. After their death, and touched by the sisters story, Sainsbury asked the Canadian conceptual artist IAIN BAXTER& to perfectly preserve the 1970's time capsule by wrapping every part of the flat in plastic sheets - turning it into his Ravens Row art instalment 'Rebecca's Bagged Place'. Sainsbury applied his love of conceptual art to create a fitting tribute to the two sisters that will now live on in a little corner of Spitalfields.

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